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11 July 2015 @ 06:45
I'm probably gonna delete old /embarrassing/ entries and re-start this livejournal. :)

And here's to hoping that this year's johnny's countdown will be better. Since i'm planning on going.
06 October 2014 @ 16:55
I swear i need to regain my daily dose of KAT-TUN and Hey!Say! JUMP again.
But the fandoms for Johnny's nowadays ain't as active as last time D:

Current groups stanning:

Morning Musume '14
Hey!Say! JUMP
Johnny's Juniors
Muse (Love Live)
Tokyo Girls' Style
Aqua Timez

Basically, Hello! Project, Johnny's and YG Family.
31 December 2013 @ 21:00
What i want for 2012
1. Be and official BlackJack and JEFC member, Nightmare FC member and GPSCFC member.
2. M$O Parkas
3. ESP Sho-Ryu-Ken or i'd totally deal with Grassroots.
4. Bass/Drum set
5. Adidas high-cut sneakers
6. More money
7. A Job
8. Lose 50kg [fat like maddduh]
9. Bookshelf
10. My own studio

1. Work hard in looking for a new job.
2. Work hard in Japanese lessons. [Which i regretted quitting 2 years ago]
3. Save up for 2013 Japan trip with a friend.
4. Pay for my CDJapan items in the cart.
5. Try to visit Japan at the end of the year with Mum.
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