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31 December 2013 @ 21:00
Loves and Wishes: Random  
What i want for 2012
1. Be and official BlackJack and JEFC member, Nightmare FC member and GPSCFC member.
2. M$O Parkas
3. ESP Sho-Ryu-Ken or i'd totally deal with Grassroots.
4. Bass/Drum set
5. Adidas high-cut sneakers
6. More money
7. A Job
8. Lose 50kg [fat like maddduh]
9. Bookshelf
10. My own studio

1. Work hard in looking for a new job.
2. Work hard in Japanese lessons. [Which i regretted quitting 2 years ago]
3. Save up for 2013 Japan trip with a friend.
4. Pay for my CDJapan items in the cart.
5. Try to visit Japan at the end of the year with Mum.
Current Location: In my mind.
Current Mood: amusedamused
♪ ► MAKIだよ☆!kunimaki3567 on 6th January 2008 07:19 (UTC)
Azlyn azlyn azlyn~
I miss you alot alot alot!!!
(I dunnoe what's going into me.)
Hahas, i've updated.
U'll see my taiwan trip video soon..
soon, i'll try to finished it by tomorrow...

Jaa mata ne~